GLE007 The Long Way Home - Art Print
GLE007 The Long Way Home - Art Print
GLE007 The Long Way Home - Art Print
GLE007 The Long Way Home - Art Print
GLE007 The Long Way Home - Art Print

GLE007 The Long Way Home - Art Print

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A child of Gleyeson takes his own life. Using the forever rain he escapes the clutches of Mephisto, taking the long way home to his beloved Cobra Commander.

Edition of 75, signed and numbered by the artist.

The artwork is giclee printed using the highest quality archival paper and inks to ensure you are able to enjoy your print for years to come. This also means that shipping may take up to seven days for the order to reach you as this can be a lengthy and intricate process.

There may be a slight variation between artwork colours viewed on the website and the actual print colours which are faithful to the original work, however the colours are generally more intense in print than digital form.

In order to keep your print of the highest quality avoid excessive handling and frame your artwork under glass soon after delivery to protect the image surface from the environment. Also avoid hanging the work where it may be exposed to direct sunlight and sources of direct heat or damp.

Classic mount

The classic window mount is cut so that it covers the edges of the print and placed on top of the print in the frame. This mounting style is one of the most common one and gives the artwork a classic clean look.

Float mount

When a print is float mounted it is achieved by mounting the print to a foam board. This is not a reversible technique and is not conservation standard framing. In other words the print can not be taken off the foam board and rolled up again since it is glued down. But this is a great way of mounting for those who prefer a completely straight print in the frame that does not react to different levels of humidity.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We are happy to say, that we now offer free delivery worldwide for our prints.

Flat rate delivery charges apply to the following:

Framed limited edition prints  - London: £20
Framed limited edition prints  - UK: £50 
Framed limited edition prints - rest of World: £15

Please note: When ordering more than one framed piece to be delivered outside of London, the delivery prices above apply to each piece. The delivery charge is per piece of artwork ordered as each one has to be crated for she shipping when outside of London or further.

Duty & taxes

Orders outside of the European Union may be subject to duty and/or tax. All duty and tax charges are payable by the recipient, and are not the responsibility of Gleyson Williams Studio.